Monday, January 14, 2013

Get an Early on Your Career in Fashion Design

A career in fashion design looks very exciting from the outside. Many people with some inclination toward art think that they can design some of the best looking clothes in the world. But to be honest, making a career in fashion is a huge challenge and it is not everyone's cut of tea. Finding a summer or weekend program where you can practice professional fashion design skills can help a lot in preparing for this field.

A career in fashion design looks very exciting from the outside. Many people with some inclination toward art think that they can design some of the best looking clothes in the world. But to be honest, making a career in fashion is a huge challenge and it is not everyone's cut of tea. Finding a summer or weekend program where you can practice professional fashion design skills can help a lot in preparing for this field.

There are some programs where you can professionally explore what it takes to make a career as a fashion designer while in high school. One of the more prominent of these programs is the Academy of Couture Art's Teen Couture Club programAcademy of Couture Art reviews on the summer camp tell you why it is different form other fashion schools and the additional value that it is able to provide.

When you go through the Teen Couture Club program you will come to know how to design sophisticated haute couture fashion figures and how to sketch your own clothes the couture way. They start with the basics of how to hold your pencil and apply pressure to create sketches that come to life. From there you can advance to create high fashion poses, complex textiles, a designs for the luxury market. The summer camp even blends life drawing for fashion with the fashion sketch to enhance your inclination toward art.

On the other side of fashion design is the career of pattern designer or pattern maker. In the fashion industry these are the people who take measurements or body technical specs to create the pattern or blueprint for clothing which is used for constructing garments. Academy of Couture Art introduces this career to summer camp participants from the basic of taking your own measurements in the advanced couture way and creating your own body block. Skilled instructors then show you how to cut and sew the final fabric with luxury method.

The Academy of Couture Art has one of the most innovative styles of teaching fashion. Unlike almost all the other fashion schools in the U.S., the Academy of Couture Art has luxury fashion design techniques that help create high end professionals of high school fashion designers and gives opportunities to showcase to the industry this uniqueness.

Real life industry experience and debut shows at the end of the course helps students be associated with various fashion groups so that they find it easy to place their stamp on the fashion world. Programs even include the crowning of Miss Teen Couture with fashion college scholarships.

If you want to know everything about the fashion programs for teens then nothing beats the Academy of Couture Art reviews about the Teen Couture Club. You can also call the College to find out more about how young teen designers have received internships and amazing opportunities in fashion.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Who will be the next Miss Teen Couture: On the Fashion Runway 2012

There are teens who design fashion and there are teens who are born for fashion. The Teen Couture Design Club at Academy of Couture Art, Los Angeles takes that passion to the highest of fashion reaching French couture.

Many don't know that French couture technique is different in a very special way from the commonly taught American style. Yet there is a growing number of young teen designers who have a keen sense of what is luxury and the elegant line it brings to the magical world of design. They are the Teen Couture Design Club.

Every year or bi-annual at the design college, Teen Couturiers take a lesson in the creative eye of developing a couture collection with French couture fashion drawing of their own garments that are made-to-measure the couture way to fit these young designers on the runway. It's a highlight of the show for the fashion industry. There's something about fresh unlimited creativity that is youth. Combined with high fashion techniques and a love for learning, you have a suitable candidate for Miss Teen Couture chosen from the industry.

Last year's Miss Teen Couture was Angelina DUFRESNE of Beverly Hills, an amazingly talented young lady in fashion and acting. She won a scholarship of $5,000 to the Academy's specialized French couture for the American system Associate and Bachelor degree programs.

The Teen Couture Design Club is on the search for the next Miss Teen Couture and the future couturiers of the world. Recruiting is on now and the grand theme is Le Reve (Dream). Send your idea for a sub-theme collection to or call (310) 360 8888 for more details. The program begins January 7th.

Teen Couture Design Club Fashion Show PrepLink

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Next Big Stars in Fashion

Every summer, Academy of Couture Art: Design College of Haute Couture opens its doors to the best and most determined young fashion designers for a one-of-a-kind training in the secret design techniques of French couture.

With each artists passion, designs are sketched and patterns drafted to be on display as a stepping stone into a future in high fashion. The behind the scene work is demanding but the results pay off. Let's look at who is up and coming for teen couture designers in 2011!

Behind the Scenes

Summer of Couture Fashion Art | Academy of Couture Art | Design Prep | Los Angeles

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Teen Couture Designers meet the Fashion Industry

In a première of French Couture fashion last Saturday July 24th, designers from the Academy of Couture Art released one-of-a-kind garments expressing creative sophistication, refinement and elegance. The show, held at the luxurious Sofitel Los Angeles, began with a brilliant skirt collection from the Academy’s design preparation Couture Fashion Summer Camp students.

Conceived to awaken creativity, motivation, and a sense of achievement among the participants, the Summer Couture Camp explores techniques based on the precision and excellence that define Haute Couture. Students participated in color and still life drawing classes, which resulted in a collection that nicely coordinated color with creativity on the runway.

Students of the camp confidently modeled their own creations, which radiated proportion, balance, and clean finishes. Beginning the runway show was a beautiful navy silk skirt adorned with five red roses by designer Maddie Gaw. Sister’s Phoebe and Sophie Tohl’s designs also grabbed the attention of the audience as Phoebe’s skillful use of layering was clear in her stylish white and navy skirt. Sophie Tohl presented a well-designed polka-dot skirt that conveyed exceptional fit, and moved smoothly down the runway.

The fabulous designs of the Couture Fashion Summer Camp students gained high profile attention as celebrity and royal attendees included: designer Lloyd Klein, designer Roberto de Villacis, Princess Theodora of Greece and Denmark and Princess Dalal Al-Saud of Saudi Arabia, Max Ryan “Sex and the City II”, Scott Elrod “The Switch”, "Bachelorette" Ali Fedotowsky, "Bachelorette" producer Cassie Lambert, Red Violinist Elizabeth Pitcairn and world renowned pianist Carter Larsten, Jake Collins, Mason Canter, Marc Chamberlain, ABC's "On The Red Carpet" Bruce Reynolds, Baronesse Bettina von Schimmelmann, Consul General Daniel Kumermann of the Czech Republic, Deputy Consul General Iris Valverde of Peru.

The show was a great success as the student’s of the Couture Fashion Summer Camp demonstrated confidence and professionalism with French Couture designs that inspires magic in all.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Celebrity role model for aspiring teen designers goes Haute Couture

Tiffany Trump designs and creates French Couture tailored garment.

Tiffany Trump has been looking into fashion design colleges that train in the elegance and sophistication of design. Inspired by designers such as Elie Saab, she pursues fashion education at Academy of Couture Art’s Summer Couture Camp in the Pacific Design Center of West Hollywood.

French Couture Fashion Illustration

During the intensive four week camp Tiffany explored her creativity in fashion design starting with the fundamentals. Discovering the balance and line of elegance that makes couture illustrations so drop dead gorgeous, she developed French fashion croquies to the body’s anatomical proportions to create the basis for the full fashion figure.

Mother, Marla Maples, upon viewing Tiffany’s illustrations, “Look at those gams!”

French Couture Tailoring and Pattern Drafting

Intrigued by French tailoring methods to draft patterns, Tiffany took a go at constructing a garment from start to finish.

“She certainly looks lovely behind the pattern table as she delicately presses her basic straight skirt for the final finishing, “commented her classmates. Her love of fine quality and precious care was a model for all. In fact, it was she who inspired finishing off the binding with a couture style of hand sewing.

Leading the Runway

Tiffany took the lead on the runway elegantly displaying her special touch on her final design to add subtle sexiness to a sophisticated piece. Marla, among others, was truly amazed to see participants transform during the month into confident mature ladies with a more realistic vision of the time and patience invested in fashion and pattern design. “It’s fabulous for young creators to foster their passions; especially when it’s nurtured in a realistic environment.”

A Message for All

“Whatever your passion, pursue it; and the best place to go for it is in school,” says Tiffany. “It’s hard work, for sure, but it’s definitely worth it in the end!” When you develop your creativity along with technique, the future holds many opportunities.

As Tiffany goes on to explore her interests in singing and acting, she encourages future fashion designers who love high fashion to give couture a try. “It’s an all round rewarding experience.”

Academy of Couture Art: Design College of Haute Couture is recognized for being true to the couture aesthetic. The exclusive summer camp provides opportunity for young exceptional talent to enter the couture world through design and creation of their own luxury ready-to-wear garment.